About Us
Ellsworth Tree Farm has been a family owned farm for three generations that was converted into a Christmas tree farm in 1980. It is a full service farm, that provides help at every aspect of your visit, should you need it.
It has been farmed for over a hundred years in a variety of agricultural products. Our location, just 35 miles directly west of Boston, nestled in the small town of Northborough.

Our trees are special. We pride ourselves in providing top quality Christmas trees. We work with our trees year around. Starting early spring, we plant young tree seedlings (called transplants), where trees were cut the previous Christmas. We also plant tiny baby trees into a small bed until they are old enough to move into the field.

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We work our farm each week throughout the year. The trees need fertilize and lime to grow big and strong. Each tree is fed by hand to ensure they get the right amount of nutrients. The grass, weeds, brush and destructive insects are kept under control to help them stay strong.

Sometimes, due to drought or bad weather, we have to cut trees out and plant new ones in the fall. The trees depend on Mother Nature for their water supply.

tree Carry

Cut-Your-Own or have one of our MANY HELPERS cut it for you. For those less adventuresome, we have Premium Fresh Cut Firs available at our Barn. We Bring your tree from the field to your car. We offer shake and bale service to remove debris out of your tree and wrapping it for transportation.

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In Our Barn. Simmering warm hot cider and cookies for cold fingers and toes. Bring your CAMERA! Santa's sleigh is located in the barn and is a great place to take family Christmas photo's. Santa's visits us on certain days. Check SANTA's Schedule if you have not visited us before. We have Christmas wreaths, greens and fresh green products to l help with your holiday decorating.  

Pets Are Welcome:  We love to see new friends Leashed dogs are welcome. Bring your best friend along for the fun! Stop by and say "Hello" to our official dog to dog greeter,  Ellie Mae.

Create Your Own Wreath Design! We specialize in designing a wreath just the way you want. Great prices with custom service!

How does it work? You pick out a plain wreath and bring it to our decorating center. You choose type of ribbon, the color and size you would like us to make. We make single, double and oversize bows.


Choose your decorations from our wide selection. Our decorators will coordinate your selections into a beautiful custom design while you wait. It's that easy!

(Special order or multiple wreaths designs can be ordered and picked up at a later time at your convenience.)

We currently Do Not Accept credit cards,  debit card or Checks - ATM available