General Information

What Do We Provide?

FUN. A wonderful experience your family wil enjoy and remember forever.

Hand Saws: No need to bring your saw. We provide saws for cutting your tree. We do not permit chain saws or any other type of automatic saws for safety reasons. Lots more fun for the children to cut with handsaws.


Assistance: We have plenty of farm helpers to assist you with your tree. Don't be shy about asking for help! We'll help cut, carry or assist you with tying your tree to your car.

Tree Shaker: We "Shake" your tree to remove leaves and debris from inside the tree.

Mike G
Tree Wrap Baling: For $1.00 we will "Wrap" your tree in netting once it has been "Shaken" to make transportation easy. Wrapping makes it super easy to bring your tree into your house. Shaker1
Tree Wrap Tip: Do not remove the tree wrap before bringing your tree in the house. It is much eaiser handle with two people and to go through a door when wrap. Once your tree is in the house, place your tree in the tree stand and adjust the tree so that it is straight. Cut netting AFTER the tree is secure and straight. Cut off with scissors starting at the bottom, working your way to the top.

Parking Lot Assistance: Our parking attendants will assist you with your tree to your vehicle, once it has arrived from the field. Our attendants match your tag number with your receipt to insure you have the right tree.

Tying Twine: A bucket of twine is located in the parking area for customer use. Parking lot attendants will help place your tree on your vehicle. Our customers are responsible for securing trees to vehicles.


What Do I Need to Bring?
CASH:  We accept cash  payments. We currently an ATM available on-site for Credit & Debit card use. We DO NOT accept Checks at this time.  

Camera: Don't forget your camera for all the fun and photo's with Santa too!

Friendly Dogs: We welcome friendly dogs. For consideration and safety of Children, people and other dogs on the farm, Pets must be leashed while on the farm. Pet Puppy poop not allowed on any shoes! If you need a poop-bag, just ask. Poop disposale bin available.  Loose dogs will be recruited as farm  reindeer! 


We currently Do Not Accept credit cards, debit cards or Checks  - ATM Available