Caring For Your Tree

1. If it has not been re-cut at our farm, Cut about 1-2 inches off the bottom of the tree before bringing it into the house.

DO NOT remove the bark. The bark of the tree is how your tree drinks water. Removing the bark to fit a stand will destroy the tree's ability to drink water!

2. If your tree has been "wrap" with netting, LEAVE IT ON until your tree is in the stand.  It makes it a lot easier to bring it through an entrance, put it into the stand and adjust the initial upright alignment.

3. Place the tree away from all heat "sources": vents, heat ducts, baseboard, radiators, portable heat units, wood stoves and fireplaces.

4. Install your tree upright in a water-bearing stand. The more water the tree stand can hold, the easier it will be to maintain sufficient water demand of the tree.

5. Use hot tap water initially. It will increase water absorption by as much as 50% . It is not necessary to add any additives.

Do not use or add sugar to the water. It will encourage mold to grow in the water

6.  Keep Your Tree FRESH by checking the Water DAILY for the FIRST 10 DAYS. Then as needed.

7. Turn off the lights when leaving home or going to bed.

A properly watered, fresh-cut tree is almost impossible to ignite contrary to popular opinion. However, use common sense and be sure all lights are in good condition and avoid combustible decorations

                  Recycle your Tree!

To Locate your Town/City Recycle Programs Go to:

Click Here For Massachusetts:

For Worcester Area:

For Northborough, MA :  Boys Scout Troop 101